Tooth Surface Loss Associated With Oral Home Care Devices


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Universal consensus affirms the role of dental plaque as the single most significant etiology of dental caries and gingivitis. To prevent the occurrence of these destructive diseases, the removal of plaque by mechanical devices is employed with profound effect. Toothbrush and interdental cleansing devices such as dental floss are predominantly used for this purpose. However, serious damage to the dentition may result from the misuse of these tools. This report portrays this type of damage that is manifested as severe dental abrasion of the entire circumference of root trunks of a dentition. This condition was developed by improper use of the aforementioned devices aggressively for three decades. The resultant damage serves as a sober reminder of what not to do when performing oral home care. This report also highlights the importance of adopting a proper oral hygiene protocol following professional instructions.

This report presents iatrogenic loss of several coronal segments of an adult female dentition that was neither subjected to trauma nor has suffered from extensive caries or advanced periodontal disease. She has, however, zealously practiced a daily oral hygiene routine for more than thirty years using toothbrush and dental floss. This patient reported experiencing sensitivity and pain followed by loss of the coronal segments of an otherwise sound healthy dentition and peridontium. Clinical examination and the radiographic findings revealed the damage to the dentition that supported the patient’s dental health history and confirmed the causative etiology.

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