Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccine


Inorder to put an end to this pandemic, the world is ready to get vaccinated as the vaccine for the COVID-19 is officially out. Let’s have a look on the Safety and Efficacy evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccine according to a plethora of documentation prepared by the World Health Organization.

The average development cycle for a vaccine is generally between 10 and 15 years. However, contemplating to the scale of the COVID-19 public health crisis, researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to reduce the development cycle to less than a year or two. Due to the accelerated development of the vaccine and the imperfect knowledge of the immune reaction of the vaccine, extra care should be taken when evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. Approval for use or authorisation for emergency use might be issued if the vaccine seems to show the necessary safety and efficacy requirements. Continuing post-approval and authorisation evaluation of vaccine protection may reveal other adverse effects that may have been overlooked during clinical trials.

Experts can immediately examine any unforeseen adverse effects in order to determine whether it is a genuine safety risk as this level of surveillance is important to ensure that the benefits appear to outweigh the risks for patients getting vaccinations. ACROBiosytems has developed a number of COVID-19-related protein products with its expertise in advanced recombinant protein, including S trimer protein and titer measuring kits to assist vaccine production.

Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access would like to extend their gratitude and appreciate the researchers working round the Globe for this Pandemic to end and would like to acknowledge this compassion towards the Global Scientific Community. We aim to provide a great scope for interaction of professionals including clinical experts and sovereign pathologists and scientists from around the globe under the same roof.


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