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Journal of Brain Research (Omics Publishing S.L) has announced Annual Membership with exclusive discount on article processing charge to commemorate on its Anniversary. The Journal of Brain Research(JBR) is an Open access academic journal that encompasses a wide range of current research on  Neuroscience, Neurodegenerative diseases, Experimental neurology, Functional neurology, Traumatic Brain injury, surgical neurology, Neurological rehabilitation, Neurotoxicology, Neuropharmacology, Neuronal plasticity and Behaviour, clinical neurology, Brain development and Cell differentiation and offers a promising platform for the authors to make their valuable contributions towards the journal.

The Editorial Board of Journal of Brain Research is overwhelmed by the response and eagerness of the academic and research contributors to publish with the journal and take part in the year-long celebrations. The Journal aims to provide a platform for the exchange of scientific information addressing clinical research and practice on Neurosciences.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the call for paper on occasion of Anniversary of the Journal.

Journal is providing with the Exclusive Offer: “Free Annual Publication with one-time Membership fee’’

Advantages: Individual membership actual fee: 5000 USD; Discounted Fee: 3999 USD
Institutional Membership actual fee: 10000USD; Discounted Fee: 7999 USD

Prospective academicians and scientists are encouraged to utilize this opportunity to get their articles reviewed, processed and published at relatively faster pace and at lower charges. Journal accepts original manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, Clinical reviews, commentaries, case reports, perspectives and short communications encompassing all aspects of Brain Research for publication in open access platform.

All the manuscript published by Journal of Brain Research are available freely online immediately after publication without any subscription charges or registration. Manuscripts can be uploaded at:

After submission, an acknowledgement with manuscript number is sent to the corresponding author within 7 working days. A 21-day window time frame is allotted for peer-review process wherein multiple experts are contacted.

Author proof is generated within 7 working days after the acceptance decision.

Benefits on Publication: Permanent free access to your article upon publication ensures extensive global reach and readership. A strict single blinded peer review process is being followed to assess each submission and to enrich the quality. All published articles are indexed in the leading indexing services.

Easy Article Sharing: Our open access enables you to share your article directly with colleagues through email and on social media via a single link, permitting third party reuse with appropriate citation in addition to the retention of content copyright by the author.

Global Marketing: Through promotion in a targeted global email announcement or press release, your article will be seen by thousands of the top-most thought-leaders in your field.

Social Media Exposure: Extended reach for your article through links on Twitter accounts provides maximum visibility worldwide.

Reprints: Distribute your work to colleagues and at conferences as we provide hard copy color reprints of your article on order.

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