Chemical Reactors and Process Modeling


Chemical Reactors and Process Modeling

The chemical and allied industries are of greatest importance for the modern society but their paradigm is changing due to the harsh economic conditions, limited feedstock and high demand of their products. Much emphasis and efforts were devoted to design inherently safer and economic conceptual design, process imagination, process intensification, revamps, energy optimization, and sustainability. The creative efforts/innovations were evaluated against substantial economic advantages and overall sustainability impact. From last two decade, a major shift has begun for above tasks in chemical industry, since there is a need of software tools to help optimization, integration, intensification, sustainability, etc., for design and operation in chemical process industry. Approaches to address and solve problem may differs for the same task, platform (software/ language) may be different, problems and objectives can be different too, but todays industry is centered on modeling and simulation. This editorial focuses and reviews how modelling and simulation plays role in modern process industry and available tools.

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